Job Application

Dear Sir or Madam,


Thank you very much for your interest in the job positions posted by WeShow Events. Please make your job application according to the following instructions:

[Step One]

Click > HERE < to download the Job Application Form

[Step Two]

Complete the Job Application Form in Word format.

Note: For the application of such position as “Show Hostess and Interpreter” or “Show Hostess/Model”, the applicant should fill out the Job Application Form and enclose the form with at least three pictures (head shot, half-body shot and full-length body shot) in JPEG or JPG format, in high resolution without PS furnishing.  


[Step Three]

Please submit the Job Application Form enclosed with personal pictures by email to:


(1)  WeShow Events examines carefully all the job application materials submitted by each applicant;

(2)  WeShow Events sends an interview notification by email to those candidates WeShow Events has an intention to hire;

(3)  For those applicants not meeting the requirements of WeShow Events, HR Dept. will delete or destroy their application materials on a regular time basis;  

(4)  WeShow Events is not a Human Resources agency and thereby never charges recruitment fees to any job applicant.